Image No. 45

That rat, under his nose
had scared everyone away
Such a smart move!
Now he was finally alone.

I.J. 30 November 2012

Image No. 44

Nobody knew she had eaten the bird alive
only her twin sister who had opened the cage

I.J. 30 November 2012

Image No. 42

painting the bedroom
and walking the dog
always made her happy
but not that day

I.J. November 2012

Image No. 40

"Just a joke, " he said  
with his hands in his pockets
And a sin 
in his soul.

I.J. 23 November 2012

Image No. 39

She still felt it
this black square with no points
It followed her
and she ran
through rainy alleys
darkness, no goal
nothing to run to

I.J. 23 November 2012

Image No. 38

She hated that dog
only food and shit
So after she walked it
she cut it's tail

I.J. 21 November 2012

Image No. 36

Through thin air 
and everlasting clouds
following an uncertain trail
my tempted soul 
I'll set you free

I.J. 19 November 2012

Image No. 35

overmorgen zou het kunnen lukken
als het maar op tijd weggaat
en niet zo blijft rondsluipen

I.J. 19 November 2012

Paris, 10 December 1948

You crawling, skulking, howling politicians
You do not respect boundaries
You eat the flesh that is not even born yet

I.J. 11 November 2012

Image No. 31

The little trees 
in front of his house 
had feelings
at least she thought so

I.J. 11 November 2012

Image No.30

She jumped out of the schoolbus and ran home 
where she found her mother 
counting the kitchen tiles 

I.J. 2-10 November 2012

Image No. 29

The dog couldn't stop barking
after he had missed the bus

I.J. 26 October 2012

Image No. 28

but the cemetery was closed 
and it was getting dark

I.J. 9 November 2012

Image No. 27

He beated the boys with his gloves on
They knew he still lived with his mother

I.J. 7-9 November 2012

Image No. 26

After he abandoned her she burned the bed  
and slept on the floor 

I.J. 9 November 2012

Image No. 25

It was the wild boy from the woods who
found her 
eaten by the wolves

I.J. 1/9 November 2012 

Image No. 24

When she finally found the right tree
she returned home and made a note

I.J. 3-7 November 2012

Image No. 23: Feelings of guilt.

It was merely a crumb of a broken biscuit
but she had stolen it

I.J. 7 Novenber 2012

Image No. 22

When I saw him from a distance
I was shocked to see how much 
he looked like an unused pencil 

I.J. 7 November 2012

Image No. 21

The girl in the old fashioned dress
hated her little sister

I.J. 25 October 2012

Image No. 20

The little man searched all of his pockets
but he couldn't remember 
what he was looking for

I.J. 28 October 2012 

Image No. 19

The cat in the alley 
was the only witness of the killing
but she knew
no one would listen to her

I.J. 2 November 2012

Image No. 18

Later that day 
she decided something

I.J. 2 November 2012

Image No. 17

The one legged man knocked on all the doors
When he was at the end of the street
still no one had opened

I.J. 25 October 2012

Image No. 16

Because he never really knew 
what to do with his soul
he cut it up in pieces
and sold the whole 
lot online