Image No. 56

A moaning sound coming from the barn
keeps them awake.
Nobody dares to take a look.

If only the little one would still be here..
she was just like Grandma.

I.J. 27 December 2012

Image No. 55

How could they harvest?
Corpses lay everywhere.

I.J. 27 December 2012

I.J. December 2012

Image No. 52

He wasn't blind at all
it was just his little game
Fooling around 

amusing himself 
He didn't see 
that everyone knew

I.J. 20 December 2012

Image No. 51

she was the only poor girl without shoes

I.J. 20 December 2012

Image No. 50

It was a self-destructive thing
but his inability to surrender
aroused her

I.J. 30 November 2012

Image No. 49

The small wheels stopped turning 
every time the little man came into the room

I.J. 19 December 2012

Dead whore.

Burial rules and regulations regarding d.w.:
1) Tear the corpse apart. From bottom to top. One uninterrupted pull.
2) Bury the two parts separately from one another. In jute sacks.
3) Only funeral staff is allowed to participate in the burials.
4) It is prohibited to come near the graves and touch the ground.

I.J. 11 December 2012

Amsterdam canal house floor tiles - Johannes Vermeer, 'The Glass of Wine', c.1658–1660

Last Saturday I took a photo of a floor in a canal house. 
You Tube video about the painting "The Glass of Wine" by Johannes Vermeer. 
Includes details about the floor in the painting.

Jeroen Willems

The sound of shuffling leather shoe soles 
on the grey stone stairs 
of an Amsterdam canal house.

I.J. 3 december 2012