BREAKING NEWS: First seasonal gnome spotted in Amsterdam!

Photo: Inge Justa 2011.


  1. Well thank you dear Leland. Such a powerful comment! I liked that!

    You know it was actually quite sensational for the little man too. Although I had strict orders not to film his face, he was so terrified...

    In their believe showing your face on film is asking Mother Nature for trouble.
    And the trouble the little man could face is the cynical human.
    If this particular human recognizes him, well then there is just nothing he can do...

    To calm him down a bit I gave him a few "Beerenburg" from the local brewery.
    And from then on everything went well.
    He just couldn't keep his head up anymore.
    So I pulled the pointed red hat over his face which calmed him even more.
    As soon as I heard him snore, I took my camera and the rest is history!

    Love, Inge.