Image No. 14

She was always ahead of him
until he ate her

I.J. 26 October 2012

Image No. 13

The police confirmed 
that she was raped by three monkeys.

I.J. 23 October 2012 

Image No. 12

Her father had left her with this insane woman
That's why she later married the swine

I.J. 27 October 2012

Image No. 10

After eleven days
she still couldn't figure out 
why he had killed the dog 

I.J. 25 October 2012

Image No. 9

While she was masturbating
her mother came into her room
and told her she would divorce her father

I.J. 25 October 2012

Image No. 8

In the hallway stood a little chair
too small for a grown up
But there were no more children left 
after the killings

I.J. 25 October 2012

Image No. 4

The nurses found her
curled up
in a corner of a room

I.J.October 2012 

Image No. 6

When they met 
he was hiding in a small alley 


Image No. 5

Er lopen allemaal kleine mannetjes
door mijn huiskamer
Kan iemand ze misschien komen ophalen?

I.J. 22 October 2012

Oud zeer.

Toen ik mijn mond opende
kwamen er allemaal bruine korsten uit
Eén grote berg met harde bruine kots