I.J. 2 January 2013


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Hi Joy, thank you very much for being so personal and sensitive in your comment. It means a lot to me to receive such feedback. I'll cherish it:)
    Joy, you posted two comments and I published them both. Would you like that or is there one you prefer?

    1. Dear Inge,
      Certainly just one comment is enough. The same other comment was posted probably because of some technical fault of my mobile phn.
      Thanks a lot and waiting for more such works from you

    2. Dear Joy,
      Thanks a lot for all your encouragement! I am working on new words ... :)
      As you can see I deleted one comment, like we agreed. It's the first one, which seemed logic. Did I do right?
      Hope your new painting is coming along as you wish. Good luck Joy :)

  3. You are right my dear friend Inge and thanks a lot.
    Good luck to you also!!!