Image No. 58

All day she had planted the seeds.
When it was dark,
she saw him near the field
burning the soil.

I.J. 2-3 January 2013


  1. How can I express my feelings after reading these tiny clusters of words? Though I have not read all of your poems till now, but I think I will go through the same experience…

    I think as if someone — alone, beautiful and tender-hearted, utters soliloquies in rustling sound…at times…in solitude…in what way life is being apprehended…

    Those words, emerging from the bosom, float on the void canvas of air to create an image in an instant…

    It’s an impressive and intimate experience.

  2. After reading your comment, I was completely overwhelmed. It is actually a beautiful poem!

    I am so grateful to you for sharing your thoughts in such a personal way.

    The words you have chosen to describe your experience make me shy and blush. They also describe exactly how I feel when an image appears to me.
    So it is really wonderful how it all works.

    Thank you very much Anonymous for giving me this precious gift... and I will humbly call you poet from now on... :)

    Love, Inge Justa

  3. Dear Inge,
    Welcome! My gracious 'someone'!