Drawing No. 3

I.J. 9-10 January 2013


  1. It's an excellent drawing! Sensitive...

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you very much for your compliment!
    It was a bit of an experiment to be honest, so I am pleasantly surprised by your enthusiasm... :)

    May I ask you please, why you feel it's sensitive?
    If it's too much of a personal question, please forgive me... I'll understand if you don't answer.
    I apologize in advance...

    Your kind words will give me more self-esteem. So thank a lot for taking the time to visit my blog and being so tremendously kind :)

    Love, Inge Justa

  3. Dear Inge,

    Lines or colours, drawn or painted with confidence and concentration and by the urge of the feelings of oneself, fulfil the basic conditions of a sensitive art work; which I have found in this work.

    Artist can understand gradually, by practice, whether there is any kind of extra or overwork has been done or not, if he or she is honest to him or herself.

    I think it is good to leave the matter of interpretation upon viewers. If the essence of earthly life blends thoroughly in any artwork, the viewers can connect themselves with that work and enjoy or interpret it depending on their personal perceptions and experiences of life.

    So, keep it up!
    Good luck!

    Love :)

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    Because I am always eager to learn, I am so grateful for your detailed and instructive comment.
    The first sentence of your comment is something I recently felt very strongly when I was drawing 'Gezicht 2'.
    Not my hand, but my mind/soul was drawing. It felt as if the lines were already on the paper.

    I make a deep bow and thank you for the time and love you put in your comment.
    Thank you so very much dear Anonymous!

    Love, Inge :)